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Green Points

Although there is plenty of information in the EBUScore manual about setting up events etc, I can't see much about masterpoints.

I have run two sessions of a county GP event final (code 60) which, I think should have 3.5 GP as the top prize and 14 awards (TOE = 27, current event = 15 pairs). Whilst I can combine them into a single event afterwards, when creating the file to send up to the EBU I get a subscript out of range message (and a single pair gets some local points).

How should I set the Masterpoints up to avoid this error? Or whatever...


  • Have you used the special scales tab in EBU Score?

  • Not much literature on them! I tried using the EBU Scale GP rank award filling in just Strat A

    Top: 3.5 (I think that is right for TOE of 27)
    Lowest: 0.25
    Percent of field - 93.33% (to get 14 pairs awarded GP)

    Which generates awards from 1 to 14 (14 being half of TOE rounded up)

    If this is correct do I fill in the two sessions or just the combined session?

    And if I set this, do I ignore the default - or set it to

    County 1 day GP Final
    D Regional
    flags unchecked
    Total original tables 14 (we had 27 entries for the semi finals)
    Total boards played - left as Unused as everyone played the same number as scheduled (45)

    (Type of event set to 60)

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    Enter that in the combined session. Set the scale as EBU GP Scale, or perhaps Special Scale. That should be all you need to do. Generate a ranking list with master points to check that it seems correct.

  • Ok that worked - two sessions now appear - one is the green point allocation the other is the result - but it says "boards unknown"

    Do I upload the individual sessions as well?

  • Two sessions appear where?

  • On MyEBU for NOE - one seems to be the allocation of green points, the other shows the percentages.

  • It may be clear to the scorer and the players to upload the two sessions separately (created from the combined event) and create a 'Pianola results only' upload, this will show the overall results and master points (with code 02)

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