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Questions about Master Points & Non-EBU Members

If 1 or more non-EBU Members play in a (Local) Club Event that attracts Master Points:-

1) Am I correct in assuming the number and value of the Master Points awarded is the same as it would have been if all Players were EBU Members

2) If a Pair consisting of Non-EBU Members finishes, say, in 2nd place (ie in a position that would have attracted Master Points), then the Team (of EBU Members) finishing in 3rd place, gets the 3rd Place Award and not the 2nd Place Award. I.e. the 2nd Place Award is discarded

3) If a Pair consisting of Non-EBU Members finishes tied with a Team of EBU Members, then the EBU Members get the average of the 2 awards (and the non-EBU Members, of course, get no award).


  • Hi Tony
    Have a look at section 2.9.3 of the EBU Licensing and Master Points Handbook 2022 (interim version).
    Point 1: yes you appear to be correct
    Point 2: the club can set up the non-members as members whilst up-loading the results and the Master points will be allocated.
    Point 3: Not sure about this but reading section 2.9, I think the 2nd place team/pair have their Masterpoints held/allocated and the third place team/pair get the third place masterpoints.

    Remember it is up to the club to set up players as EBU members with the exception of members that fall into section 2.7.4 or section 2.10 (probably members already but playing "without standing".

    Hope this helps

  • Thanks, Dibbler(?) for your reply above. My questions really relate to the situation in which the club has little intention of making the participants EBU Members. In fact they relate to a Scoring Program I have written (Bridge Gem) and the question "What does it upload to the EBU in these situations?".

    Bridge GEM has in fact uploaded such an Event to the Test Site, EBU Id 431222. You can see it there, I have not deleted it. Every other Pair in this Event are non-EBU Members (Guests), but have been allocated the Master Points appropriate to their position on the Event. Hopefully the EBU Server would ignore the Master Points allocated to Guests.

    Also each Guest Pair is tied with a Pair of EBU Members, and the points awarded to Tied Teams have been averaged out and awarded to Guests and EBU Members equally (see the uploaded Result).

    Any confirmation that this is the correct approach would be welcome.

    Would it be better for the Scoring Program to award 0 Match Points to the Guests?

  • Master points should be awarded regardless of whether or not the players are members, though they will not appear in any list unless they do become members. It would be wrong to award 0 to the guests.

  • Ah! That's the answer I was looking for !

    Great, thank you.

  • Master points earned by guests in recent sessions can be credited to the player if they subsequently become an EBU member.

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