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Master Points and Individual Events

I am confused by Scale F (Single Winner Individual Event), page 59 in the EBU Licensing and Master Points Handbook 2021.

I look at the column for 18-35 Board Events, in which it states that the top third (1/3) of players receive Master Points.
I then, for instance, look at the rows for 4, 5 and 6 (full) Tables, for which according to the above sentence there should be 5, 6 and 8 awards.

However according to the Table on p59 there are 5, 6, and only **7 ** awards for 6 (full) tables !!!

Have I read this incorrectly, or is there a discrepancy? If there is, what is the logic behind it? There does not appear to me to be an explanation of this in the handbook (maybe I've missed it).

Can someone please explain it to me?


  • When I look I see 6, 7 & 8 awards, which is what I think it should be.
  • Thanks.

    I had assumed that the bottom row 6* etc was not an award, but just a list of the the minimum awards, because the second row up holds the same values as the bottom row.

    Is there any reason why the lowest and the next lowest awards are the same for Individual Events?

    Btw in this age of computers it would be useful if, in the next issue of this document, the table were augmented with the algorithm on which the Tables are based

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    There is an over-riding minimum of 6 points for any club award (and corresponding minima for the other scales of 9, 12, 18,, 24), so whenever the algorithm would award a lower number (3 in this instance) it's rounded up to 6.

  • In a (full) 6-table single-winner individual playing 18-35 boards, the top award is 24, the number of awards is 8, and the awards go down in decrements of 3, except (as Gordon says) there is a minimum award of 6, so the 7th and 8th players both get 6 (without the 'minimum award' they would get 6 and 3).

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