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Solving Duplimate Problems

We have a problem with our Duplimate V which has never occurred before. When a board is presented to the Duplimate we get the error message "Card not fed". Has anyone else had this problem and arrived at a solution?


  • This is a bit unspecific as usually the message is clearer

    It sounds as if the card has not gone through the roller - rather than not being sensed when dropping in the board

    The reasons I have found for no feed , but have not had "Card not fed" message, are

    Card upside down and "not recognised" - machine stops immediately - turn over card and continue

    Insufficient weight in hopper ( usually a sticky card ) roller continues but no feed . Add another pack to give roller a grip - continue

    Will be interested in what is happening. Find the Mark V to be good compared with Mk IV but only a year old..

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