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We are considering having a club WhatsApp group primarily for the purpose of disseminating information and for members to find partners.

Anyone of aware of any issues with this?

I reckon there are potentially GDPR and safegaurding which I hope could be overcome by having:
(a) Club policy on use of the group (e.g. for members' and club's bridge purposes only), and no pictures nor members private information (other than phone number which we need for it to work) to be posted except by the member's themselves (detail obviously needs a little fleshing out here). Policy to be published on club website. .
(b) Safegaurding: a DBS qualified group administrator. No vulnerable members (e.g. children) in the group.
(c) Make it opt in, and members agree to comply with the policy. Email OK?

Am I making this too hard, or assuming it too easy?


  • I think this is the digital equivalent of a club directory, which many clubs used to have, where our advice is that it needs to have explicit opt-in consent of all those in it.

    On a practical level, I find it works well in practice: EBL and WBF championships have a Whatsapp group for each event, with all TDs included, and it helps with fast communication over several rooms or even venues.

  • Our club started a WA group as soon as covid hit and it is still going strong, members love it many contribute, though some are read only it is particularly important to those who are living alone.
    The only problem we have ever encountered is one or two of our elderly gentleman posting things which in this day and age would not be considered pc! Taken down quickly and no harm done.

  • Do bear in mind that not all members will have WhatsApp, of course, so you mustn't use it to announce such things as cancellations or time changes of events etc.

  • We have a Members Partner Finder WhatsApp group for about a year now. There’s a contact for an Administrator on our Club website to request joining the group. So it’s definitely an Opt-in situation. (And they can easily Opt-out)
    It works very well, especially if someone’s regular partner drops out on the day or on holiday. It’s also been useful when someone new to the area is looking for a game, and the Administrator sends out a call for anyone who would like to play with them.
    We also have a TD WhatsApp group for most of our TDs. I compile a monthly TD Rota so it’s easy to share and look up. Same again if suddenly a TD can’t attend the Club, then a quick WhatsApp has been invaluable to get a replacement.
    For Bulk contact of All our members I think it is still best by email with BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) to keep personal data private.
    Kind regards Steve
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