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EBU registered Bridge Clubs nornally follow the EBU regulartion in the Blue Book (and the Sky Blue Book for online games) but there seems to be no requirement for them to do this.
Clubs often use time limits for:

  • requesting rulings
  • appeals
  • correcting scoring errors
    which are different from the 'default' options.

Should clubs have a written policy on these issues?

Our clubs does not have but I wonder whether we should. I have looked at the web sites for various other clubs and can't see any clubs with these policies in writing.


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    The Blue Book / White Book excepts clubs to have different corrections periods to those in the law book or the White Book. For instance, in a club which meets weekly, allowing scoring correction to be raised within the week.

    The normal position is that the club 'knows' - but it is better to have it written down, a committee meeting minute would suffice, as long as the secretary can find it when required.

  • Sheffield BC has a document on its web site titled Club Information and Conditions of Contest which specifies some relaxed time limits:

    "Some of the Correction Periods for single session events (i.e. most club events) and
    for last sessions of events are later than given in the EBU White Book Para
    Requests for a ruling: 20 minutes of non-playing time after the end of the session.
    Requests for an appeal: The later of (a) 20 minutes of non-playing time after the end
    of the session, (b) 20 minutes after the ruling is given, or (c) any later time allowed by
    the TD or CTD.
    Score queries and errors: 7 days after the end of the session."

    It also specifies our only other deviation from the Blue Book:

    "Chapter 3 of the EBU Blue Book states that pairs must have two completed System
    Cards (formerly known as Convention Cards).
    Sheffield Bridge Club policy differs in that it is an expectation rather than a
    requirement that regular partnerships should have System Cards, and non-regular
    partnerships should have, as a minimum, basic details of their system on the outside
    pages of their scorecards."

    You ask if clubs should "have a written policy on these issues". I just think it is a good idea!

    Barrie Partridge - CTD for Bridge Club Live

  • Thank you Barrie.
    Sheffield BC was one of the web sites I looked at but I didnt see this document. I have now found it.
    Do I have permission to copy sections of it (mainly those quoted above) for discussion at our next Committee meeting?

  • Absolutely! There's no copyright! :)

    I created the document soon after I became the CTD in 2003 as it seemed sensible to have a record of various information available to all members that gives greater details beyond (and subservient to) what is covered in our more formal Constitution and Regulations documents, which are also available on the site.

    Barrie Partridge - CTD for Bridge Club Live

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