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Laying dummy's hand down

I like dummy to lay their cards down Spades/Hearts/Diamonds/Clubs when playing in NT. Simply because normally the suits are laid by colour so NT is the only time the suits are laid in sequence. This seems to be a sensible thing to do, a reminder that the contract is NT. A player at our club says this is poor etiquette, is it?


  • From Another thread on this forum. Search for "40B2d" then Look for Gordon's entry
    If your question is why we have Law 40B2d, the answer is to establish a basic principle of the game that prevents players from consulting their system notes during a hand or writing down the play as it goes on. The fact that it might be difficult to demonstrate that this law is being breached by a dummy aiding their partner's memory, by the way in which the dummy is displayed, does not detract from the fact that in my opinion it's not allowed.

    Let's not through the baby out with the bath-water!"

    Hope this helps

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