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I wonder if the explanation is sufficient

Hello ,

the other day I was playing on BBO . My left hand opponent opened the bidding with 2sp (w2 generally 6c w 6-10) my partner passed and the RHO replied 2nt forsing at least one round. ( 14+ ) . As my partner and I stayed silent throughout the bidding
The LHO rebid 3h alerting "feature." Finally they hand ended in 6sp . My partner led a small club and the contract was easily made
6sp+1. On the heart lead ( which I think is logical too) the contract would have been 6sp.


a)is LHO 's explanation with only Qxx , which is feature that generally means A or K, sufficient ? Do you think that instead of reading feature " alerting as one of top three honors or a similar one would be correct resulting in not misleading the opponent on lead ?

2) Should have my partner have asked any further explanation about 3H rebid ?

3) Do you agree that the explanation of 3h mislead the opening lead ?

4) how would you rule it ? At least a weighted score ( after going polling) can be considered ?

Your comments will be very much appreciated.


Secaaddin Ozdeniz


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    I don't agree that feature "generally means A or K". Why do you think that is the case?
    The only distinction that may be important is that between "high card feature" and any distributional feature (i.e. may be a singleton) but without qualification, I think it should be a high card - which is what the bidder had.

    So I think the explanation is fine and would not adjust because I don't agree there was any misinformation

  • Hello ,

    My assumption is based on some reliable Bridge convention sites such as "Bridge bum , Addy Kantars' weak2 ,
    , " what is standart by David Lindop , surely there must be some more. On the contrary Andrew Robson points out that Qxx is accepted.

    For this reason I don't insist on A /K but may be , I believe, more explicit alert would be better leading a safe contract. ( As I indicated before " one of the top three honors " ).I also believe that requiring further information about the bid might also be another solution to the dilemma. As an inexperienced TD my problem is to find the best possible answer when I am called to the table for such a case. Leaving all my thoughts aside your approach is very important for me.

    Thank you very much for your comment.


    Secaaaddin Ozdeniz

  • Hi Secaaaddin, the feature responses to 2N for non-minimum hands shows the suit in which you have the best feature and on the hand shown, the heart feature (of Qxx) is better than the diamond (xx) or club (Q). So I agree with the 3H response on this hand. If the response was alerted as control, where I would expect the A or K (or singleton or void), then you do have a point, but not when it is just called a feature. So no adjustment for me.

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