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Weak2 openings

Hello ,
With regard to weak 2 openings ( in 1st and 3rd seat) is 4c allowed ? What is the acceptable point range ?
in a club environment or an int tournament if weak 2 openings are generally considered 6c and 6-10 point range , openings with less than 5 points with 4c are to be alerted ? if so, how ? saying only "weak" is sufficient ? Or are we supposed to consider them as psyche or brown sticker ? Exp . RJxx ,xxx, xxx,xxx or RJxx ,xx, xxxx, xxx ( 2sp opening ) .

Thank you very much in advance for your help.


Secaaddin Özdeniz


  • The calls are allowed for any strength provided the bid shows at least 4 cards in the suit opened. See 6D in the EBU Blue Book


    The call must be alerted as it has a potentially unexpected meaning i.e. most people will think it shows six (possibly 5)

    There are no point limits - nor (unlike 1NT) there is no requirement for a single point range - (at level 4 - at level 2 a variable point range would come under the 'multi' exclusion. (This would mean that you couldn't play 2 Hearts as 0-17 with an agreement not to open in the range 9-12/)

  • As always, the answer to this question depends on the regulations in force and in the EBU clubs do not necessarily have to follow those of the national organisation.

  • Thank you very much for your interest and explanations. As an example of the case in the following contract
    2h opening bid is not alerted. But general understanding is weak 2 6c and 6-10 points.
    N is Dealer.

    1) it is unexpected meaning regarding  neither point range  nor the number of cards ( 6 c possibly 5c)  According 
         to  BB 6D1  here the meaning of the unexpected number of cards is 4,   no point range involved , less than 10 is enough.
    2) when we check out the auction there is no reason for E-W to get to the contract of  6D no matter whether N 
         opens the contract with 2H weak. İt is obvious that the lack of knowledge is in effect.

    E-W calls the td and complains, when they play 4d and make it 4d+2 , that " if N hadn't opened with only 4 points
    we would have reached the 6d" ." He should have alerted" that he had only 4 points and 5c h.

    Since 2h wasn't alerted ,

    1)Do you think that E-W i should have asked N the meaning of 2h ( about how weak and the point range) in order to secure themselves when they have such a huge hand ?
    2) do you think that a score adjustment of 4d+2 to 6d is needed ?

    Thank you very much .

    Secaaddin Ozdeniz

  • It's hard to believe that the reason for playing 4D when 6D could make was down to 2H being opened on a 4 count not a 5 count. If they had concentrated on bidding the value of their hands it likely would have made little or no difference.

  • Well, it is always best when describing weak 2 bids to be as complete as possible, so the possibility that 2H is on only 4 with a 5 card suit should be mentioned if they ask about the bid.

    Assuming we accept that there is misinformation,;
    much like Jeremy, I'd be sceptical about accepting the claim that EW would reach 6D with that explanation. Its a judegment situation, and you have to decide whether EW are likely to bid differently with the explanation above as opposed to the assumption of 6 cards, 6-9 HCP. It's not a huge difference in the expectations on the North hand.

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