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can anyone tell me how to use the 4 function keys on the bridgemates. I know how to enter as a TD & I understand the items that appear however, I believe there are many uses for the other keys and cannot find a complete list. I have not been a TD long and have spent hours trying to find the information on the internet.


  • Hi Jonathan

    the Function keys are depressed when "sub-menu's" of the screen you are on are available. Those "sub-menu's" usually appear in small black boxes in white writing at the very bottom of the screen.
    For instance when the screen shows the "Board:"; "Contract:"; "Lead:"; "Result:" on the left hand side you will also see "TDMenu"; "Names"; " "; "Scores" . Pressing the key below the "item" will take you to that sub-menu.Have a look at page 54 of the BM2 manual.

    Hope that helps. Good luck TDing.


  • Bridgemates publishes a number of documents that are worthy of reading. See https://support.bridgemate.com/en/support/home

  • Thanks CMOT and Peter. both responses were helpful

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