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I had a hand recently where an Ace was discovered half way through the play, hidden under another card where dummy had not been displayed properly. No one had spotted that dummy started with only 12 cards visible.
It seems to me that declarer and opposition may both have been affected and both were responsible for checking. But I couldn't find anything in the rules to cover the situation.
It led to much discussion.
Just for the record, I was not Directing. I was declarer and I made a contract that would have gone 1 down if the card had been evident.




  • I think this is the ruling you require Alan

    8.41.4 Dummy not displayed properly
    If dummy is displayed incorrectly so that all the cards are not visible or a card is in the wrong
    suit, this is an irregularity. If the defenders are damaged by not seeing dummy’s cards when
    dummy is displayed incorrectly (according to Law 41D) they are entitled to redress – the
    defenders are not responsible for ensuring that all 13 cards are displayed. There is no penalty
    defined in Law 41D so the TD should award an adjusted score, according to Law 12A1.

  • OK. Where does your quote come from?


  • It's from the White Book.

  • Thanks Jeremy.
    Alan - sorry I should have said where my quote came from.
    The White Book is a very useful document which clarifies situations which are not always apparent from the Law book.
    It might be worth mentioning it to your director to save a similar situation arising in the future.

  • Thanks. I haven't added the White Book to my bedtime reading list yet.



  • Let's also remember that if dummy revokes due to having a card hidden, and the revoke causes damage, an adjustment in equity is given.

  • I have a soft spot for White Book 8.41.4 - it is one of the earliest bits of the White Book I wrote - most of the work in 2013 was moving and deleting text.

    There is some overlap between 8.41.4 and 8.64.5.

    • If there are hidden cards but no revoke, 8.41.1 applies
    • If there is a hidden card and dummy revokes, either 8.41.4 or 8.64.5 applies
    • If there is a revoke by dummy not due to a hidden card, 8.64.5 applies

    In all cases, the TD adjusts by 'replaying' the hand with defenders knowing what is going on and dummy playing without revoking.

  • And presumably the declarer must play without knowing what is going on. (I have a partner like that).

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