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I've just been presented with a notification of suspension for two players (not in my club) and one thing has confused me.

The letter says that [these] suspended players may play in face-2-face club sessions, but not online ones. Why the difference?

Obviously for any EBU events they can't play, and that's contained in Appendix A 12.9. Where does the obligation for a club to follow EBU suspensions for their own events come from? I can't find anything in the by-laws that specifically says this. Appendix A 12.10 says (I think) that we have to suspend them from membership, but says nothing about guests playing (which would be pretty much impossible to police anyway).

The question is academic - they only played once several months ago and haven't been seen since.


  • Historically suspensions did not apply to clubs, who make their own decisions, but in the current situation online games are much more easily accessible and the intention is to protect players from having to face convicted members in online games.

    The definitions of the Bye-laws say:

    "Open Competition" shall mean any Duplicate Contract Bridge competition (including
    online games) other than one held at the premises of a club or other organisation for its
    members or employees and their bona fide guests only.

  • Thank you Gordon, I'd missed that.

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