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Convention Card consultation on RealBridge

I note that the SkyBlue book states
"Players may consult their own system card and other notes at any stage (based on ‘Except as the Regulating Authority allows’ in Law 20G3).
Note Any other provision is regarded as unenforceable. This general condition could be overridden by the specific conditions of contest, such as where the participants are monitored by online video."
That was presumably written initially for BBO and BCL etc but before RealBridge.
Looking at the note, does RealBridge count as "monitored by online video" or is consulting one's card still allowed ?
Thanks !


  • It says "could" be over-ridden. We haven't over-ridden it for any EBU-run games on RealBridge.

  • Ok thanks Gordon !

  • "Monitored by video" would have to include of the player's computer screen, and a wide enough view to see other devices they may be using. If you look at a system card (your's or opponents') while playing on RealBridge, the other players cannot tell what you are doing.

    I have seen online poker matches where the competitors are in a bare room with lights and camera pointing all over the place. This is the level of "monitored by video" that would be necessary to enforce not consulting your own system card or notes. And then you need human monitors to watch the video - we aren't there yet.

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