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I think we sometimes forget that what we find "obvious" is not so to others, especially when it comes to technology.

From a session this week:

Realbridge sometimes gets confused and will not let you play a card or make a call even when it is your turn. The simplest (and often only) way to fix this is for the player to leave the table and go to the lobby, and then go back to the table. Easy enough.

So I was called to a table with this problem.
Me: "Oh it's easy enough to fix, you just need to leave the table and then come back again"
Player: "But why? I only want to be able to play my card"
Me: "because this will allow you to"
Player: "But I only want to be able to play my card - the queen of spades"
Me: "Trust me, leave the table and it will all be sorted"
Player (grumpily) "OK"
Player gets up from his seat and walks away.
I'm wondering what I've done to upset him when it dawns on me...
Me: "No come back that's not what I meant!"
Too late - he can't hear me.
Cue frantic search for his phone number!


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