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Someone must have been here before.

I was asked for a ruling in an on-line Teams Event.
Appellant didn't like the ruling, and has asked for an appeal.
Does anyone have a protocol for on-line appeal panels?

(Or shall I just post the details here!?)


  • No, you shouldn''t post the details here. You would get lots of opinions but no properly considered conclusion. Appeals should be heard by experienced players who are not TDs, unless unavoidable.

    Traditionally there are two ways of having an appeal:

    • The TD assembles a committee of three players, one of whom has some knowledge of the laws hearing the case first from the TD and then from both sides if they wish to attend.
    • The TD asks a member of the EBU Referees Panel to hear the appeal, which will usually be done with some consultation, based on the appeal form submitted by the TD and communication with the players by email or phone as necessary.

    In the current circumstances, the second of these is more likely to be appropriate. Either way you should ask for a financial deposit to be returned unless the appeal is thought to be without merit, in which case it would be retained and a further scoring penalty imposed.

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