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New EBU Members

I have recently registered a few new members, via the club's MyEBU account. I have EBU numbers that I use when submitting results and all that seems to be working just fine.

However, I submitted their email addresses and would have expected a welcome email and details about logging into their MyEBU accounts. They have not had this, do I have it wrong or have I missed out something when registering them?

Many thanks


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    If you send an email to karend@ebu.co.uk, she will check that they have been properly registered. Our usual process is to send out a welcome pack, so depending on how recently you submitted them, this may be on the way. During the last year at times when we haven't been able to send out packs, we have sent holding emails instead.

  • Thanks Gordon, 2 were about a week ago and another was a few days before then.
    I have just dropped an email with details over to Karen.

    Fingers crossed I did it right and it is just a delay in the system/post.

  • Ok Thank you for your expert advice.

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