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Correct score adjustment when playing director unable to complete own board?

The scenario I am thinking of is where a playing director is called to a table and sees information about a board which they are playing or have not played which is such that they do not feel able to continue playing that board themselves.

It is somewhat more likely to be an issue online because of barometer movements. It is puzzling me a bit though. Since it is no fault of the director's opponents should they get Av+? On the other hand it is not really the fault of the director so Av+/Av+. On the other hand, any approach by which the director can award themselves Av+ seems suspect. So maybe Av/Av is better? Though I can see this could be aggravating for the director's opponents if they were mid-board and expecting a good result.

So maybe it is better to do an assessment. Let's say you are declarer and have a guess to land the opponent's queen of trumps. You are called to a table and see that West has that card. Returning to your own board you adjust the score to 50% of result if you guessed right, and 50% of result if you guessed wrong? Presuming likely result thereafter.

I realise that playing directors are not ideal but it is very common for good reasons.



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