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Clarifications on Role of the EBU

As part of laying the foundations for the new EBU Strategy, the Board has been considering various questions and has agreed on the following as reflecting its thinking

  • The EBU wants to be both a member-focused and a club-focused organisation.
  • The EBU must be relevant and provide useful services to bridge players of all standards, and to both social and competitive players.
  • The EBU will support both face-to-face bridge and online bridge in the future, recognising that both have different strengths which are valuable in different contexts to large subsets of our membership.
  • The EBU has a responsibility for promoting the game with non-players.
  • The EBU has a responsibility for ensuring newcomers can get access to suitable teaching.
  • The EBU needs a good spread of player players across all age groups if the game is to thrive in the future, and we must work to recruit from a wide spectrum of sources.

There is a more complete statement of the foundations of the strategy here

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