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Teams of 8 Tournament on BBO

We are hoping to run a multiple Teams of 8 on BBO on Nov 8th
We thought of running it as two multiple teams of 4, with directors setting up matches, using common saved deal files then IMPing and adding.
I'm struggling with the scoring as I don't see how to set up e.g. round 2 matches on BBO so they start at Board 5.
If we start each round with a new Board One then I don't see how to get the hands showing at correct vulnerability in EBUSCore.
Also - do any of the results extractors help get the travellers from BBO into EBUScore?
I know @Triffid had a similar problems with teams of 16
And I know @jgoacher offerd a solution using BBO Extractor for that
Can they or anyone else help?
Many thanks,

Peter Bushby Suffolk


  • Peter,

    Yes, you can do this with BBO Extractor/BBOtoXML. Set up two Teams of Four matches for each round. Use BBO Extractor to extract the results and create a CSV file for each match. For each round, BBOtoXML is used to merge the CSVs for that round, producing a single overall CSV for the round. The CSVs for Round 1 and Round 2 can then be merged, again using BBOtoXML, to generate a CSV for the whole event.

    At this point, BBOtoXML can generate a PBN for the event (from the LIN_DATA in the CSV files). The boards for the second session are automatically renumbered, in order to preserve the vulnerability pattern. If you had 4 boards in the first session, the boards for the second session will be renumbered to start at 17. The final step is to use BBOtoXML to create a USEBIO XML file from the CSV for the overall event.

    The detailed steps are described in the Help for BBOtoXML (not the Help button on the main screen - use Review/Edit/Merge button to open a CSV file, and use the Help button on that screen). Contact me if you need further help.

    The same procedure can be used for merging Teams of 12, 16, etc. For an example of a Teams of 16 event created this way see this page on the Cumbria website.


  • I should have mentioned that the boards for the second session should start at board 1, in order for the board renumbering to be correct. I don't know whether you can set up a BBO tournament to start with anything other than board 1 anyway.

  • Thank You @jgoacher !

    Peter Bushby Suffolk

  • If you needed to have more boards for the second session, then you could play say 14 boards in the first matchup, then play 28 boards for the second match, but get everyone to pass out the first 14 boards - then delete these from the exported results? Not ideal, but doable?

  • You can run teams of 12,16,20,24 using the general movements supplied as standard in ebu score teams taken from Farrington page 139. Two parallel lines share boards, team 1 sit at odd tables, team 2 at even tables. Normal aw movement. Ew down 1 at start, down 2 thereafter with boards always down 1. The final result is simply worked by adding the odd team number totals and even number totals at the end.

  • Never considered that option Jeff, thanks. These are mainly social up here where we play a lot of Teams of 20 events. One team swaps direction after the tea break, so it is easily set up as running two identical sessions in a multi-session event and playing half the boards in each session.

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