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English Bridge magazines 1997-2017 give away

I have English Bridge Magazines (1997-2017) 125 copies. All are free to a good home but you will have to pay postage. You can have the lot or pick and choose year bundles.

The magazines are all in good condition though some have a little highlighting but all quite readable. As you may know all these magazines are also freely available on the EBU website, up to Dec 2006 they are scans, after that they are digital (better resolution). However many people prefer a 'hard copy'.
The magazines are sold in 'year bundles' at £3 per year excl postage.

Postage is £3 per 'year bundle'. I charge actual postage (cheapest available) and I don't charge for packing. If you take more than one bundle I will combine postage.
2 bundles would be approx £5. 5 bundles would be £7 and so on.
I’ll quote exact postage when you make your request.
Please email ildalziel@gmail.com


  • Sorry I mistakenly said the magazines are £3 per year bundle, the magazines are free it's the postage that's £3 per year bundle. I combine postage if you buy request more than one year bundle. The more you request the cheaper it is per bundle.

  • The 2000-2009 issues have been taken. That leaves 1997-99 and 2010-2017. These magazines are available free and if you take the lot the postage is only £8.

  • 105 Bridge Books for Sale at bargain prices (from 50p to £2.50 each plus postage ).
    You can buy as many or as few as you want from the list.
    I have now retired from full time bridge teaching and am selling my surplus books.

    See attached PDF file full details or Email:- ildalziel@gmail.com for the list.

  • All the magazines have gone to good homes. How do I delete this discussion?

  • Rather than delete it, I'll close it because it may be of interest to someone to see that this forum has functioned as intended.

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