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Player Recruitment and Development Strategy

This is catering primarily for those who are potential players, but also providing support for the development of existing bridge players. One vision for this is that

  • There is a freely accessible, well respected and widely used, flexible and well supported, roadmap through which a player or potential player can develop their bridge skills.

This is a core activity more necessary than ever in the current crisis. The scope includes identifying pupils and teachers, and linking the two. The issues include the current player demographic, in which the bridge playing population is ageing, and the effect of that on the size of the EBU membership.

Inputs on scope, issues and solutions are welcomed.


  • How does this relate to EBED vs EBU?


  • Prompted by some notes from Ron Millet : as we come out of the current crisis the candidates for learning them game will come from different camps - at least
    1. Raw beginners who were in classes when the crisis hit.
    2. Newcomers on waiting lists to start classes when the crisis is over.
    3. Those who would have been joining waiting lists but cannot find classes to sign up to.
    4. Members of the gaming community who might take to online bridge but not to face-to-face bridge.

    Our engagement strategy and the approach we take might well be different for each of these groups.

  • I think the "candidates for learning the game" category is very broad and includes anyone who, potentially, could enjoy bridge. One of our (meaning the entire bridge community) challenges is how to make the benefits of this incredibly enjoyable game better known.


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