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Membership & Communications Strategy

This strategy explains how we engage with the bridge playing population, and grow the EBU membership appropriately over time. A possible vision is that

  • By keeping them well informed, we will enable all bridge players to engage fruitfully with the EBU thereby growing the number of members and volunteers who support the game.

This strategy includes helping the other strategies align better with the interests of the members, and includes engagement with members of non-affiliated clubs.

Inputs on scope, issues and solutions are welcomed.


  • I am not sure why "Membership" and "Communications" are in the same heading?


  • The primary reason for this grouping is that a lot of "taking care of" our current membership (which drives their retention as members) comes from what we communicate with them and how we do that. We do have some communication to non-members but the bulk is to the membership. And of course the communication with members is two-way.

  • I agree that we should communicate well with members but that doesn't seem to me to be a membership strategy?


  • Membership and Communications are distinct topics but the bulk of EBU communcation is with members and the bulk of EBU engagement with members is through communication. It is that inter-linking that had driven the current proposal.

  • There is clearly a role for internal communications. There is also a clear role for external communications - raising awareness of the game and signposting calls to action. Hopefully I'll find these on some of the other strategies.

  • Prompted by some notes from Ron Millet : as we come out of the current crisis the membership will fall into different camps - we will have at least
    1. Those past players who never got to play online.
    2. Those past players who are converts to online and won't go back.
    3. New members who have taken the game up online and enjoy that.
    4. New members who played in the past outside EBU circles but have joined in online EBU games.

    Our engagement strategy and the approach we take might well be different for each of these groups.

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