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Financial & Commercial Strategy

This explains how we raise funds for the organisation and manage the organisation’s activities within that budget, proving good value for money for our members. A vision for this could be

  • The EBU has a stable financial footing and financial future, enabling it to invest in developing the game and interest in the game to the benefit of all its members.

A major issue for this strategy at this time is the dent in finances being made in the current crisis, and coping with the likely lower level of bridge club activity in the next few years.

Inputs on scope, issues and solutions are welcomed.


  • I think the EBU should offer a value-add so that clubs get a tangible benefit from affiliating - that is, unless we decide to completely change the way the EBU is financed?

    Therefore we should discuss what is appropriate for the EBU to do for its members over and above what it does for all bridge players.

    Otherwise we give clubs no incentive to affiliate, other than a vague sense of supporting the game, and this directly impacts the financial health of the EBU.


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